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Indonésie : le corps d’un homme retrouvé dans un serpent géant

Forward: In attempting to review Sterling massage school, I will be reviewing without the luxury of comparison since this is the only massage school I have ever been to.


With that said, the education was unsatisfactory due to several issues that my fellow students and I encountered.

First, one of the the instructors (Jerome) that taught the swedish course (the majority of your hands on curriculum) as well and a few other courses was completely out-of-line. From the very start he created a class environment that was not conducive to learning by being aggressive, unwilling to be challenged and playing favorites




. There were several people in my class that had almost no instructional time with him while other people in the class were being fawned over and flirted with. In addition, he failed to stay on subject and repeatedly spent valuable class time introducing energy work when we were supposed to be perfecting basic massage skills. The issues in the class were brought to the attention of Sterling and he attempted to placate me and other students but the issues remained unresolved for the remainder of my time there.

Secondly, the way that the class schedule is set up, people can enter into the program at different times. For example, my first class was Hydrotherapy. Me along with a few other people were brand new and had no hands on experience. Most of the other students in the class were about to complete their education. The teacher didn’t seem to take any of this into account. The new kids were left to try to keep up with everyone else that already had most of the knowledge.

Thirdly and lastly, another major problem that the school was having when I was there (in Fall 2010-Spring 2011) was cheating. Sterling accepts people that do not speak or read any English. This would be fine if the students were able to bring a translator or have some other accommodation but that is not what is happening. What IS happening since they cannot understand the lectures or read the textbooks is a whole lot of cheating in several different ways. The owner of the school was told about it by students AND instructors but no significant measures were made while I was there to prevent it from recurring on a consistent basis. Why you ask? Money! More students, more money.

I have no idea how this school stacks up to other massage schools since this is the only one I have attended. From what I have heard they are all pretty sketchy. But, I don’t consider that a consolation, I just consider it settling.

I have just completed the courses to become an LMT through Sterling Health Center Massage School.  I must say this is a class A instituation managed by very informative and accommodating owners, teachers and staff.

This is a family owned and run business.  Sterling and his wife are in charge of the school and will make you feel very comfortable and at home.  They will work with you any way they can to ensure you get the education you are looking for.  They are also extremely knowledgable about the massage business.

I was given the information and attention needed to pass the state test and succeed in this business. I feel that they go out of their way to ensure that the students attending their school are well informed and given the tools they need to succeed in the massage business.

All of my teachers were great and not only knew the subjects they were teaching very well, but also personally went out of their way to ensure that each student was given the chance to excel.  This included offering their own personal time to help you study and be available for questions.

I highly recommend Sterling Health Center Massage School as the school to choose for your education and licensing in Massage Therapy in Texas!

From the business


We are a Masssage Therapy School. Our sister compant, Sterling day Spa is a luxurious full-service offering massage, facial, hair, Nail, Waxing and Spa packages without the luxurious prices. Sterling Health Center was established in 1991.


Established in 1991.

Sterling Health Center founded and began operation in 1991. Following its program epension in 1994, SHC is approved by several state and federal agencies.

Meet the Business Owner

Sterling M.

Sterling M.

Business Owner

Dr. Mansoori is the founder and director of SHC Massage School. A specialist in health care management with over 20 years experience in Information Systems. He has consulted with a number of hospital client’s nation-wide to plan, design and implement their Management Information Systems. He worked as a Quality Assurance Reviewer and Business Manager for an internationally known company eleven years.  He developed and copyrighted the software Patient Tracking System known as PTS and served as a Data Processing manager for a major hospital in Dallas, Texas.  He is an U.S. citizen, and has lived in Dallas since 1979.  He has studied at Southern Methodist University, Oklahoma University, and Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of Southern Mississippi; and has received his degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Operations Research.





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