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What Increases Your Auto Insurance Rates

While we would all would like our auto insurance rates to be as low as possible, there are certain factors and circumstances that will increase our auto insurance rates. While some of these factors may be of no fault of our own, we do have control over some circumstances.

Some of the factors that we can not control that increase our auto insurance rates are things such as our age and gender. Drivers who are under 25 years old will pay costly insurance rates simply due to their age, their insurance premiums may be double the costs that they would pay if they were older. The reason for the expensive premiums to young drivers is simply because they are what insurance companies call high risk drivers. Once a driver turns 25, their insurance premiums will drop substantially. Gender is also a uncontrollable factor that may increase auto insurance rates. Males get the short end of the stick here because insurance companies have come to the conclusion that males get in more accidents than females. Another interesting factor to note here is that a married man will get lower insurance rates than an unmarried man, even if they have the same identical driving records. Read more>>


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